Hello world!

Hello my lovely friends. We just got the studio going, and now we are going to start major production. We have a list of 50 videos we are going to be starting on, starring me and some of my friends. We hope to have a few posted in the next couple weeks, then the largest portion uploaded on January 22nd (our Grand Opening celebration), then a few more to add the weeks after that. So, in a three month span we should have at least 30 new videos posted! Want a hint as to what we are bringing you? There will be bondage, urination, spanking, and plenty of sexy bare bottoms…those are just a FEW of the fetishes that we have coming!

We are also working on 2 custom videos right now that are alot of fun to plan out. We are going to start filming those in the next couple of days. I will keep you posted on how they go.


About Cleo Tantra

My name is Cleo Tantra, and I am the star of a number of fetish video clips. I like to showcase many different fetishes, but my favorite fetish clips feature my best asset - my feet! This blog is going to be about my adventures as a fetish star, as well as my friend's experiences at it as well, and all the production fun (and folly) at 93 Productions...
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