Tickling leads to Peeing!

So we were filming a custom video last night of tickling. Jasmine Flower was all tied up laying on the bed and Marcus was tickling the hell out of her feet. She starts yelling “stop”, but of course he didn’t as many of us uncontrollably yell “stop” when we are being tickled mercilessy, but he really should have because she peed all over the bed! Too bad we were zoomed in on her feet, because that might have actually made a great video! Luckily after a quick cleanup we were able to get the video finished anyway. I told Jasmine THAT is why we tell you to go to the bathroom before hand, LOL….she was so embarrassed, but it has happened to almost all of us at one point or another (OK, not me, but still, LOL). I bet next time she will listen!


About Cleo Tantra

My name is Cleo Tantra, and I am the star of a number of fetish video clips. I like to showcase many different fetishes, but my favorite fetish clips feature my best asset - my feet! This blog is going to be about my adventures as a fetish star, as well as my friend's experiences at it as well, and all the production fun (and folly) at 93 Productions...
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One Response to Tickling leads to Peeing!

  1. Gerard says:

    OMG that is hawt!! Did you keep the film? Any chance I can get a copy of it??

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