Introducing…BARBIE DAWL

Wow, last night’s clip shoot was so much fun. My friend Barbie Dawl was so hot in her clips, and alot of fun to work with too. It was like a slumber party! I think we got a total of 18 clips, so can’t wait to start uploading them! She’s a natural at pissing, smoking, shaving, popping balloons, and just being all around sexy! Check out The Fetish Room on to see her new vids (all being uploaded between now and January 22nd at our Grand Opening)!


About Cleo Tantra

My name is Cleo Tantra, and I am the star of a number of fetish video clips. I like to showcase many different fetishes, but my favorite fetish clips feature my best asset - my feet! This blog is going to be about my adventures as a fetish star, as well as my friend's experiences at it as well, and all the production fun (and folly) at 93 Productions...
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