IMPORTANT!! We are moving!! READ!!

93Productions and The Fetish Room will no longer be using this blog. From now on, all information will be posted on our new forum at:


Also, remember to check out our clip store at:

And email us any time at!

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Introducing…BARBIE DAWL

Wow, last night’s clip shoot was so much fun. My friend Barbie Dawl was so hot in her clips, and alot of fun to work with too. It was like a slumber party! I think we got a total of 18 clips, so can’t wait to start uploading them! She’s a natural at pissing, smoking, shaving, popping balloons, and just being all around sexy! Check out The Fetish Room on to see her new vids (all being uploaded between now and January 22nd at our Grand Opening)!

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YAY!! Two new girls!

We have a shoot scheduled tomorrow with a girl that is going to become our resident “big girl” for our clip site, and another shoot on Thursday will a tall leggy blond! I am so excited to start getting some new girls for our clip site, in addition to the ones we have working with us on our custom stuff…

Ooo, also, forgot to tell you about the newest videos I have done and added to the clips4sale….smoking, peeing, spanking, and wet T-shirt! Fun fun!

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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you have all been nice this year (and just a little naughty)!

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YAY!! New stuff!

I’m so excited. We are tackling a new fetish next week for a custom video. LIMP FETISH! I get so excited when we get to do something new. Going to be practicing all weekend!

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Tickling leads to Peeing!

So we were filming a custom video last night of tickling. Jasmine Flower was all tied up laying on the bed and Marcus was tickling the hell out of her feet. She starts yelling “stop”, but of course he didn’t as many of us uncontrollably yell “stop” when we are being tickled mercilessy, but he really should have because she peed all over the bed! Too bad we were zoomed in on her feet, because that might have actually made a great video! Luckily after a quick cleanup we were able to get the video finished anyway. I told Jasmine THAT is why we tell you to go to the bathroom before hand, LOL….she was so embarrassed, but it has happened to almost all of us at one point or another (OK, not me, but still, LOL). I bet next time she will listen!

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Hello world!

Hello my lovely friends. We just got the studio going, and now we are going to start major production. We have a list of 50 videos we are going to be starting on, starring me and some of my friends. We hope to have a few posted in the next couple weeks, then the largest portion uploaded on January 22nd (our Grand Opening celebration), then a few more to add the weeks after that. So, in a three month span we should have at least 30 new videos posted! Want a hint as to what we are bringing you? There will be bondage, urination, spanking, and plenty of sexy bare bottoms…those are just a FEW of the fetishes that we have coming!

We are also working on 2 custom videos right now that are alot of fun to plan out. We are going to start filming those in the next couple of days. I will keep you posted on how they go.

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